About Us 

ScrapSafe, Inc., was founded in 2010 by retired GE meter division executives and offers a unique process to dispose safely and economically of retired electromechanical watt hour, water and gas meters. 

With the advent of the Smart Grid and with AMR and AMI integration, there are in excess of 200,000,000 legacy meters coming off utility systems.  The challenge for utilities, whether public or private, is to maximize asset recovery while protecting the environment.  The ScrapSafe System does both.

Before ScrapSafe, utilities had basically two choices: sell retired meters to a local scrap dealer or dispose of them in landfills.  The first offered a return on investment, but neither choice allowed utilities to document environmental stewardship.  The ScrapSafe system is a dramatic improvement and offers utilities attractive asset recovery yield and can provide documentation of the disposition of legacy meters.

To maximize asset recovery, the ScrapSafe system completely de-manufactures retired meters.  After examining meters for hazardous waste, components are separated and sold to recyclers.  Because meters are not being sold as “mixed scrap”, the per-pound value of the components is higher.

Early in the de-manufacturing process “front plates” containing meter serial numbers are removed and recorded.  Subsequent de-manufacturing and disposition steps are documented.  A certificate of destruction- by serial number- can provide utilities an accounting of these steps.

Utilities are coming under increased scrutiny from regulators, the US and state EPA, investors and other stakeholders.  The ScrapSafe process gives utilities a detailed accounting of asset recovery and environmental stewardship.