ScrapSafe offers public and private utilities a number of services to help them a dispose of legacy watt hour, gas and water meters.

Depending on the type of meter, the ScrapSafe System is a 10-step process for the economically sound and environmentally responsible disposition of retired meters.

  1. Collect meters and deliver them to ScrapSafe facilities
  2. Remove seals (dispose of lead seals as hazardous waste)
  3. Remove covers-separate glass, metal, plastic as necessary
  4. Remove ID tags and record and serial numbers
  5. Remove electronics and dispose of hazardous waste as necessary
  6. Remove batteries and dispose with licensed hazmat recycler
  7. Remove mercury and dispose with licensed hazmat recycler
  8. Sell recovered materials for maximum asset recovery
  9. Provide documents to utilities
  10. Provide payment to utilities

ScrapSafe can also provide storage space and inventory management for legacy meters.