Point of Use

Our Process, your people

ScrapSafe is now offering on-location services. With our process on your site you can save on time and Logistics which saves you money.

We'll provide all the training and tooling to be able to handle any meter.

Leave the dirty work to us.

Making sure the environment is safe is what we do. Ship all your dirty meters ( mercury, lithium batteries, lead seals) and we'll document our findings and make sure every meter with hazardous waste is accounted for.

Our Process

First Utility collects hazardous meters and ships them to our facilities.

Then ScrapSafe will:

  1. Remove seals (dispose of lead seals as hazardous waste)
  2. Remove covers-separate glass, metal, plastic as necessary
  3. Record serial numbers of every meter with hazardous waste
  4. Remove electronics and hazardous waste as necessary
  5. Remove batteries and dispose with licensed hazmat recycler
  6. Remove mercury and dispose with licensed hazmat recycler
  7. Provide documentation on all meters with hazardous waste to the Utility

Before us there was no standard so we made it.

We're the only ones in the business that do what we do. We touch every single meter to guarantee that all hazardous waste is properly handled and documented